Why Is My Wig Shedding So Much?

As we all know, shedding is completely normal for wigs, just like your natural hair. But it is deviant to shedding a lot more than usual or a lot more than expected. After all, shedding is actually permanent and the hair will never grow back. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to understand why your lace wig is shedding so much, thus learning how to reduce hair shedding. Here are some reasons why your wig is shedding a lot.

1.Brushing Wig When It Is Wet

There is no doubt that whether it’s from a shower or a swim, water will cause swelling on the base, thus weakening the attachment site (where the wig hair is attached to the wig base). In this case, it will make the gripping power of the hair looser and ultimately lead to shedding more than it should. Besides, your wig will be in its most vulnerable state when it is wet.

2.Over Brushing

In order to keep your wig from tangling, you should always regularly brush your wigs. However, excessive brushing can actually lead to more shedding. That is because wigs are fragile and with excessive brushing, brushing your wig too aggressively.

3.Using Too Much Heat

Although the rising quality of human hair wigs has made it possible for hot styling tools to be used on them, heat can also cause hair shedding. For instance, the heat from the hot water and the hair tools can damage the hair, damage and weaken the bonds and result in excess shedding. In addition, blow-drying your hair the wrong way, overdoing it, or not protecting your hair before applying heat can either overdry your hair or cause it to be brittle.

4.Insufficient nursing care

There is another reason for hair loss, that is, lack of daily care, resulting in lack of moisture in the hair, resulting in hair loss that is easy to tangle and break. Hair is also alive, if it is damaged, it cannot be returned to its original state, so please take care of the wig with care.

How Do I Stop My Wig From Shedding?

By reading the above reasons, we have already learned why your wig is shedding so much. Now there are a few simple tips and tricks that can effectively avoid wig shedding in the following.

 1.Properly Brush Wig

First of all, prepare a basin of water, put the conditioner in the water and stir it. The wig is then placed in the water and combed from the tail, gently opening the tangles, to the top of the head.

2.Use Heat Tools As Less As Possible

Always make sure your wig can be heat-styled before attempting to use any heat tools on it. When using hot tools on your wigs, also make sure you use them at as low a temperature as possible. Otherwise, you will run the risk of causing your  wig to shed

3.Avoid UV

If you’re out and about for much of the day, try and avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. Or, you can choose to wear a hat with your wig.

 4.Pick Up Right Products For Your Wig

Avoid using shampoos, hair sprays, spritz, and other hair care products that have a high alcohol content because alcohol makes the hair dry and brittle, even causing the hairs to break and start thinning. When using the products you get from the drug store and off the supermarket shelves, you need to check whether these products have a harsh chemical composition or high alcohol content or not in order to avoid causing irreversible damage to the wig.

In the end, be sure not to use oily products at the roots of the HD lace wig as they can weaken the attachment site of the hair and cause shedding.

 5.Wrap Your Hair When Sleeping

If you plan to sleep in your wig, it is important to protect the hair from any friction and keep it from tangling. Either braid the hair before your sleep or use wrap your head and wig in a silk scarf or bonnet is a good choice for you.

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