Why Is My Hair So Dry

Have you asked yourself, "why your hair is so dry?" Actually, you are not alone. After all, dry hair is one of the most common hair complaints about women, no matter their length or texture.

Why is hair dry

Dry hair can be caused by a number of external and internal factors. External factors include things like the weather, how often you wash your hair, the hair products you often use, style tools you use, or chemical styling and dyeing. While internal factors include the foods you eat, any medications you may be on, hormonal imbalances, and even genetics. Then let's dive deeper into this.

First of all, we take a look at some of the environmental conditions that can cause dry hair including:


  1. a dry, hot climate;


  1. frequent exposure to the sun and wind;


  1. frequent exposure to chlorinated or salty water;

Hair care habits that often contribute to dry hair include:


  1. wash your hair too often;


  1. use harsh shampoos, conditioners, or styling products;


  1. frequently dye or chemically treat your hair;


  1. blow-dry your hair too often;


  1. often use curling irons, straighteners, or curlers to style hair;


  1. Overbrush;

Our own hair is constantly growing, and sometimes insufficient nutrient supply can lead to dry hair at the tail and yellowish overall hair color. The wig has been cut from the head and lacks the supply of nutrients. If the wig lacks the correct care, the lifespan will be shortened. Wigs have a limited lifespan.

Another is that if you buy a colored wig, be prepared that colored wigs don’t have a long lifespan. Just like our own hair, after dyeing, the hair will become dry very quickly. , the tail needs to be trimmed. The same is true for wigs. Natural color wigs are stronger and will last longer.

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