Why Human Hair Wig Is Expensive

Many friends who have never worn a wig will always have such hesitation. This article tells you where wigs are expensive and why can they be sold at such a high price.

Wigs can be used for many purposes, such as covering up the embarrassment of hair loss, work needs, and changing appearance (face modification).

In many cases, a suitable wig can make people fashionable or even look like cosmetic surgery.

If you are a fashionista or you are concerned about hair loss, a wig is a good choice.


Many people's understanding of wigs is still stuck in the past, which can be seen in the stereotype that they are wearing wigs or the whole shape is very ugly. In fact, with the current level of craftsmanship, wigs have long been essential equipment for fashionable girls. Except for young people who love fashion, many people are using wigs to beautify their image. Can you really see who wears wigs and who is ugly after wearing wigs?

Then let's talk about why real people send so expensive


In fact, there are two types of wigs that are most sold on the market. 1. Wigs made of Synthetics hair , 2. Wigs made of 100% real human hair.

Synthetic hair wig is made of chemical synthetic materials, and the price is very low, but it also has obvious shortcomings and short life. Chemical fiber hair can generally be used for about 1 month, and it is especially easy to be frizzy during use.
Raw materials:

The real human hair uses 100% real human hair and the hair of young girls purchased from Brazil, India, China and other regions. The speed of hair growth is very slow, and raw materials are in short supply, so the prices of raw materials are also rising, and the longer the pseudogenesis cycle, the longer the raw materials are scarce and the price is high.

lace craft

Everyone knows that the lace part of the real human hair wig is crocheted onto the lace net by our workers one by one. It takes 2-3 days to complete a half-lace front crochet. This is also a huge expenditure.

Wigs allow fashion-loving sisters to change their hairstyles at will. Some people like celebrities often need to do styling for work reasons, such as dyeing different colors or perming their hair. This can easily damage the hair quality, but if you use a wig instead, you can Good to avoid hair damage.


And in this way, you can directly use the right hair color and hairstyle, which is very convenient. You don’t need to re-care and style every time, and you can take it off directly after you use it. You don’t need to spend a lot of time removing makeup. At this time, the wig The role is fully reflected!
With a good after-sales guarantee and a good method of use, the lifespan of real human hair wigs is very long.


When buying a wig, be sure to keep your eyes open, and don’t be deceived because you are greedy for a little bargain for a while~


Finally, I hope you can choose the wig hairstyle that suits you and make yourself more confident and beautiful!

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