Why do wigs seem to tangle more often than your own hair?

More and more people like to wear lace wigs, but many people also think that both human hair wigs and human hair extensions seem to get tangled easily. Is it because the wig is of poor quality? Or is it using the wrong method? To solve the problem of wigs knotting, first we need to know why wigs knotted.
the good quality hair has full complete hair scales.and the hair scales have a unified direction.so the hair not easy tangle when you use it. but also have some reason that caused by incorrect daily use. so let us  check what reason will make the hair tangle.


What kind of behavior causes knots in your hair?

Long hair tangle more easily than short hair
Long hair is harder to work with due to the very nature of long hair. Careful washing and wearing, using the right hair care products and being aware that this hair is obviously not re-growing. use long length hair, need to trim the ends of your hair regularly, Cutting off the dry hair at the end of the hair can reduce hair knotting

Messed the hair when you wash

During wash hair, rinse with warm water or pat your hair gently. Never rub the hair as you would with naturally growing hair as to do so would cause tangling of the hair roots at the base and undoubtedly breakage of hair would occur as you tried to comb it free. After wash, gently pat the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Then put the hair in a well-ventilated place to dry.(have more people ask me, How often should I wash my hair?If it is worn daily, it is recommended to wash twice a week,If you have 2-3 wigs, you can use them interchangeably, it is recommended to wash once after wearing for a week. Although the wig will not produce excess oil during use, the dust and dirt in the air will adhere to the hair during the use of the wig. Moreover, the sun and wind will also take away the moisture from the hair, so it needs regular hydration.)

Using overuse hair products.

Adding too much hair products to your wig will lead to a messy, clunky build-up. Excessive use of oils, mousse, gels, and other hair products will cause the hair to tangle, matte, and make the hair look unclean, limp and dull, and Very difficult to clean up.

Comb hair too much

Don’t comb hair too much, When your hair is dry, excessive grooming can dry it out and make it prone to static.When the hair is wet, excessive grooming will pull the hair out of the wig. The best time to comb it is when you’re combing conditioner through the wet hair.

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