What Is The Perfect Length For Choosing Curly Hair?

In 2021 most of our customers love order curl lace front wig. So the coming 2022 the curly wig still will be the hot selling wig. Many people have one or two curly hair wigs, But what's the hair length should you choose? Is the curly hair length important?

It’s not a major factor according to many but when you aim at making the hair extension look real, But the length of the hair and the effect of wearing it at the end really affect the authenticity of a real wig .You also need consider the hair length and your lifestyle.The curly wig is so tight and curl hair ,so when you choose the hair ,advice can choose longer than straight hair 6-8 inch wigthis length will arrive your expect length.

There have 3 difference length styles curly hair length inches suggest for you.

Ear length

If you want to try the short wig style, it is recommended to try the Bob wig, which is very delicate and cute. It is recommended to choose 12-14 inches, because the curly hair have small curl, and the short length does not look very natural . bob wig in terms of classic tailoring that will not go out of date, the elf tailoring is hard to beat.


Shoulder length

Shoulder-length cuts are generally flattering. These medium-length hairstyles outline the lines between the bob and the long hair, allowing you to pick the best elements of the two. As an added bonus, it is the perfect middle ground when you grow a buzzer or elf look.

Recommended length 18-20 inch


If your strand exceeds your shoulder, it is considered long. You can choose a mid-back length cut or grow it to the tailbone for extra long hair.

Mid-back length

Shaking around your hair when taking selfies and pretending to be an Instagram model? This coveted length is called the mid back and is a real stunner for thick, coarse hair texture.

Recommend length 26-30 inch

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