What is the difference between loose wave hair and body wave hair?

It can be a difficult task to choose a perfect wave for your next Hairstyle from hair bundles. Many people can't tell the difference between loose waves and body wave hairstyles.This article will help you to know the difference between loose wave hair and body wave so that you can make decisions.

What is Body Wave?

Body wave hair is a kind of hair extension that usually has big wavy  creating an S-like shape. It is usually shiny and has a natural appearance. The hair can blend well with all hair and looks very natural.


Has a consistent deep "S" pattern

When the manufacturer deals with hair throughout the hair, When the hair is wet, the worker will style the hair, and it will be set at high temperature, the result is a consistent deep "S" pattern throughout the hair,  The body wave extension is not so straight, but it is not too curly, it can be said that it is a bit wavy.


The pros of our body wave Hair

This hair has flat strains.

This hair is easy to maintain, and it looks perfect at all times as long as you will keep it clean.

The hair doesn't shed or tangle easily.

Well, you can color and bleach this hair if you would like to.


Because I haven’t used a styling potion, it’s only undergone high-temperature styling.It won't hold up curls; instead, it easy lose the curls to attain a straight hair look.
What is a Loose wave?

The hair features the use of loose wave hair just as the name suggests. Nonetheless, it's tighter than the body wave hair. This is the main difference between the body wave bundles and the loose wave bundles.


The main feature is that it has tighter curls and defined waves. You can tell the difference between the loose wave style and the body wave one.

This hair comes with small and tighter curls, and although the hair is tight, it's not too tight.

The difference is that you have tighter curls.

The pros of our loose wave

The hair has the defined curls where you don't need tools to curl the hair further.

What are the Differences?

There's a clear difference between these two, and I'm sure you would tell them apart by just seeing them. The body wave has larger waves that take the shape "S" while the loose wave weave one has a little bit tighter wave.

Since the loose wave has tighter curls and thus high volume, its best suits anyone looking for bouncy curls. On the other hand, body wave is closer to straight, making it suitable for anyone looking for not too straight hair. They work if you want straight hair with subtle waves.

People say that loose wave hair will hold the style much better than the body wave. You can use it for all the different styles, yet it won't even show.

If you would like hair that you will find easy to straighten, then use the body wave.

Which one is better, Loose Wave VS Body Wave?

If you need soft and soft curls, then the body wave of hair will be your best choice.

If you want a perfect color and try different hairstyles then you can use Loose wave hairstyles. Loose waves will hold different styles for a long time. Natural luster is also a positive sight of a loose wave.

hope this article has helped you choose difference hairstyle .

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