What Can Do To Make The Front Lace Wig Last Longer?

Every day, I encounter many customers asking about the quality of the hair and how long it will last. I can tell you that our wigs are made of 10A quality wigs. As long as they are properly cared for, they can be used for a long time. Here are some treatments Wig Tips:

1.Brush through your lace front wig several times a day. If your lace front wig is curly you can finger-comb her.


2.Wash your lace front wig weekly or at least bi-weekly if you wear her daily. Your lace front wig will tell you when she needs to be cleaned/conditioned either by her smell or just that dirty hair feeling.


3.Use hair products that are free from drying sulfates and parabens.


4.If you wear your lace front wig to bed always braid your hair and wear a satin wig cap. This will prevent friction from damaging your hair.


5.Lace front wig hair cannot produce any natural oils to protect the hair like our natural scalp's produce. Applying a hair oil will help keep her healthy.


6.Remove all tangles from your wig gently before shampooing, using your hands or a mind shampoo and a comb.


7.Avoid soaking your lace front wig when washing. Instead, wet the hair, apply a small amount of mild shampoo, and distribute it throughout the hair while avoiding the scalp area.


Wig Cleaning Tips for increasing Longevity of the Lace Front Wig

1.Combine the shampoo through your hair in a top-to-bottom motion using gentle downward strokes. Don't scrub the wig as you would scrub your natural hair. Don't use a bristle brush, or you might pull out or break the hair.


2.Apply some of the shampoo water inside the wig cap and tap it gently to wash it. (Don't scrub)


3.Rinse the wig under cool to lukewarm running water until there's no shampoo or suds left. Position the wig so that the water flows downwards from the cap to the tip of the hair.


4.Blot the hair gently with a towel to remove excess water.


5.Apply some conditioner on the damp wig and distribute it throughout the hair using your hands. Avoid the scalp when doing this because conditioners can soften and loosen the hair knots.


6.Rinse off the conditioner or leave the hair to dry, depending on whether you're using a leave-in or wash-off conditioner.


7.Leave your wig to dry by hanging it to air dry, using a blow dryer on low setting, or setting the hair in rollers, depending on your preference.

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