What are U part wig

Like normal wigs, U part wigs are also made of 100% human hair. Unlike other wigs, however, this one has a small U-shaped opening at the top. it allows you to blend in with natural hair and make your hairline more natural, This is a great style of protection that allows for endless versatility and will save you time and patience. in the hot summer, blend your natural hair, expose your scalp to the air, so the U part wig is a good choice in summer



Benefits of U part wigs

1.Blend perfectly with your natural hair

It blends in with your own hair. This will allow you to blend in with natural hair and make your hairline more natural. They allow you to switch up your look in minutes. this is some pretty natural and easily blended wigs.

2.Breathable & Comfortable

A u-part wig has a U-shaped piece cut into the front that allows you to pull a small part of your hair through the u-shaped opening. It enables you to give your hair and scalp a break from the strain of traditional sewn on weaves. So it can make you more breathable and comfortable.

3.Super Natural Looking

You can design different sizes of u-shape. And change the U part wig address, make very natural This u-shaped opening gives you an opportunity to blend your hair with the wig and expose your scalp to give you a natural looking hairline. It gives you a natural sew-in weave look.

4.Great time saver.

It doesn't have to be worn for as long as other wigs.No need for sticky lace, easy to wear. In a few minutes, you'll be ready to put on your U-wig and head out the door.

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