Tips To Keep Human Hair Wigs Free From Tangle

When you invest a human hair wig, you will not be more than happier to show off your gorgeous look and get lots of compliments after perfect installation. After one day,  you might be experiencing hair tangling at your nape, which is annoying so much. today we will told you some tips to avoid the hair tangel.



Tip 1: Use good hair products


The hair products you use rather good or bad quality can influence the hair life of the wig. Always use a good conditioner and shampoo combo when washing wig, to keep your hair in good condition.

Also, use products that apply moisture and provide hydration to your lace front wig as dry hair can lead to tangles and eventually matting.

Although there is a whole list of ingredients we recommend to avoid when choosing your hair products, alcohol is really the one that you want to avoid as it dries out your wig, making it more prone to tangling. Instead, go for natural, sulfate and alcohol-free products, or those specifically designed for tangled hair. 

Using the right products can help keep your wig soft and manageable.



Tip 2: Do a hair mask at least once a week


If you're not the kind of girl who likes to spend time doing hair masks, it's time to reconsider. Doing a wig hair mask once a week, even if it's just for 30 minutes, will significantly improve the condition of your hair. Hair masks are quick, highly potent treatments that restore the hair with moisture and lost nutrients, leaving it silky, shiny, healthy, and less prone to tangling overall. if your hair has been shown dry and frizzy , we are the advice you can do the hair mask  



Tip 3: Use hot tools less


This might be quite a difficult challenge to overcome, but think about it. If you consistently blow-dry, straighten or curl your human hair wig, just imagine how much heat your hair strands are exposed to! This inevitably leads to dry, dull hair that is prone to breakage, and as we already know, dry hair is more prone to tangling. If you can't live without your hot tools, we recommend to at least use your hot tools on a low to the medium temperature setting, and to always use a heat protectant before styling. and we are the advice you can choose some way style the hair and avoid using hot tools. or you can try use curl iron to style the hair when the hair wet.


Tip 4: Do not wear your wig while sleeping


While you sleep, remove your wig or cover it in similarly soft, silky materials.Avoid excessive friction between hair and leaflets, causing tangles

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