Tips for Wearing a Wig in Summer to Keep Your Hair Dry

Wearing a wig in the height of summer can never be an easy task. When the temperature rises, things get pretty warm and moist making it difficult for you to maintain your hair especially if you are wearing a human hair wig.



Tips to Stay Calm and Cool While Wearing a Wig On Summer Days!


1.Using too many tools to make a perfect hairdo can never be a wise choice. Curling wands, straighteners and hairdryers on warm days will not only make your hair overheat, but it will dry out your wig. Wigs can easily dry out with continuous styling over time, especially on hot days.

2.Avoid Touching Your Wig Often

Your wig is what makes you appear confident. However, if you continue playing with it, you will end up depositing the oils and sweat from your hand into your wig which will make it look sticky and weighed down. Your hairdo will also appear rough and unfinished.

3.Wear A Wig Cap

Wearing a cap can help create an effective barrier between your wig and head. A cap plays a crucial role in making your wig look all balanced, finest and genteel. Just make sure that the cap is light and easy to wear and adjust anytime.

4.Get a Dry hair spray

Drying sprays give quick volume to your hair and help avoid frizzy hair on hot summer days. In addition, the spray can give your hair a different smell and cover up the sweaty smell brought by the summer heat

5.Choose Light Summer Hair Color

Women often choose to wear dark-colored wigs as they enhance their beauty giving them an alluring look. Do you know that dark colors absorb more heat in contrast with light colors? Did you know why it is always suggested to wear light colors in summer? Because dark colors absorb more heat making you feel stifling hot in summers. Thus, it better is to switch to light shades and colors so you can have a cool and comfortable day ahead.

6.Wash and Clean Your Wig

In summers, it is common that sweat and oils can build up in your hair. It is important to keep your wig clean, washed and dried. Thus, make sure you wash it on a regular basis so it doesn’t get greasy and  in summer.

7.Opt for Shorter Styles

When it is summer, stop opting for long hair doesn’t matter how much you love to have them. Choosing short hair in summer will not only enable you to have peace of mind but it is an amazing way to stay cool and calm throughout the day. You might keep your hair at shoulder length, or off of your neck – whatever suits your personality best.

Try A Wig Band

Similar to a headband, a wig band is prepared of thin, soft and light fabric that you wear beneath your wig. They can help eliminate wig cap pressure on your head making it comfier to wear throughout the day.

8.Stay Away from Direct Heat

Don’t go under direct scorching sunlight when it is already too hot outside. Also, let someone else do the grilling when out for barbeque. Any direct exposure to heat on sweltering days can cause further damage to your wig. In addition, make sure to store wigs in areas that are relatively cooler as storing them in areas that get warm instantly like the trunk of a car can damage your wig doesn’t matter how better it is in quality.

However, one thing that you must keep in mind is to get a quality wig from a trustworthy source. A quality, durable and long-lasting wig can remain in the same good position for a long

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