The Trendy Fall Color Hair Weave- Ombre 1B/39J Color Hair Weave

With the pass of the time , summer seems go over, we are walking into the fall season step by step. New season coming, Hairinbeauty friends, do you want to change a new hair color to make a more attractive image? If you beautiful girls want a new, active and lovely personal image, why not try our 1B/39 J color hair weave? Ok, next, i will introduce this product to you little by little. Hope it is useful for you, girls.

Firstly, let us talk about the color. Maybe, most of you do not understand which color it is just according to the color number. In fact, this color kindly like the bright red, but this hair product are not all red. The front one quarter part is natural black color, the rest part is red color, the natural color segmentation can make your hair weave looks more real. At the same time, the part red color not full red color will set off your facial skin more shinny rather than more darker. What’s more, the ombre color is fashion trend in recent years. So, our Hairinbeauty girls, don’t worry about the color , just pick one. I believe you will love it. You will experience various images. Different people wear this color hair weave can shape different personal images, either mature and unrestrained image, or lovely and young image.

Secondly, let us move to the hair product itself. This color, we only offer the silky straight hair weave matching with free part closure which may disappoint some people because of the single matching. But my friend, please don’t be sad, that is not a big question, if you really want the curly hair, such as, body wave, deep wave or others, you can buy this product, then curly it according our previous blog, or, just talk with our customer service, we will design and produce a hair type you truly want.

This product, we will provide the 8-26 inch mix matching hair weave and 8-20 inch free part closure. About the reason why we provide the free part, not middle part, three part, because you can use the free part closure to make a more real hairline. And this closure also has the natural baby hair.

  OK, the introduction part end, if you have any other questions about this hair product, just leave some comments to us, we will answer you as soon as possible. Everyone, have a good day!

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