Professional Ways On Care Hair Wig

With the popularity of human hair wig, many black women choose to buy the hair wig not the hair bundles when they want a new and fashion style, because hair wig is easy to style and wear. But many of you are the new one to use the hair wig, that will be problem for you on how to care wigs. Considering that, Hairinbeauty pose this blog, show you how to care hair wig professionally, please follow us.

Washing Part

Actually, about the washing, there is no huge difference on Hair wig and hair bundles. Normally, we advise the customer also wash the hair wig at least twice one week to keep the clean and silky. Let us move to choose the hair washing products. Nowadays, there are many hair washing products, like the shampoo and conditioner, especially for hair wig, we suggest your girls buy this kind of, which including more Nutritional oil, can take more protection to wig. Next, washing hair wig, First step, use wide teeth brush or finger to brush wig piece by piece, tangle free. Second step,use the mild water wet hair wig, then put some shampoo on it, gently rub hair, after, soak wig with water until it clean. Third step, add some conditioner on wigs, keep it in the bowl for some minutes, let soak again. Last step, use the towel to absorb water, then let it dry naturally. These are the basic steps to wash hair wig, hope useful for you, please try it.

Daily Care Part.

To make it clear, we will divide this part into twp parts, style wig part and night care part.

Style part

The hair wig is more convenient to style, just a roller and flat iron, you can make many styles. If you like the straight wig, you can style the pony tail and cute bob style with the flat iron. While, prefer the curly hair wig, you can use the hair roller to make the big bouncy body wave style or curly and deep wave style. Please pay attention, when you use the tools, do keep it in high temperature, it will cause many damages to hair wig. ‘

Night Care Part

 Most people will choose to sleep without wig, to avoid the tangle problem.That is great. You can also do some night care to make your wig last long time.Put some nutritional oil on the hair, give a massage to wig, then use the roller to keep the pattern.

The introduction has end, hope these ways are useful and effective to your girls, please try to go it when you want to do the wig care.

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