New Arrival Wigs--Curly Wig and Deep Wig

Beauties, do you have this feeling? Since the end of 2018, the wig hair product has been a very popular trend, many beautiful black women love wigs, adore for its convenience, simplicity and fashion. Many lovely customers came to Hairinbeauty to check the wig with us. To meet your different and various needs, we launch many different kinds of wigs. Recently, we post two well known curly pattern wig-- the curly wig and deep wig. Let us introduce more details of these two wigs to you.

The Curly Wig

   First one, the lace frontal curly wig, the most popular one. When some people want to buy wig, usually they will think the lace frontal wig firstly. So the lace frontal wig is indispensable one for most black women.

Lace frontal curly wig, feature with 13*4 lace part, it has high density, 180% density, take a very full look to you. Also the 4 bombs, adjustable straps and elastic nets help you to wear and restyle the wig more early.

The bouncy curly pattern bring a very cute and nice look to you.

  Second one, the 4*4 curly wig, very special and new one. Maybe , less people heard this wig before. We will show you more about this wig to you. The front 4*4 lace part take the Swiss lace as the material, can take comfortable wearing to you. Compare with lace frontal one, it is more cheap. If it is the first time wear wig, you can consider the 4*4 wig, with affordable price, get a good quality wig. After try it, you will have a very excited feeling.

The Deep Wig

  About the deep wig, we also have lace frontal one and 4*4 lace one. These two kinds of deep wig also have some wonderful characteristics, like high density, adjustable straps, good quality lace and great deep pattern, all of these made it into the second popular curly style wig in our store. Here a great news for these people who love deep wig. In Hairinbeauty Spring Sale, there is a promotion on deep wig. With unlimited 8 dollars coupon, you get the deep wig with a nice price. Hope you all could enjoy this promotion.

All in all, these two new arrival wigs on sale, every beautiful girl, if you have interest, keep an eye on them, choose it, own a new style.

Choose Hairinbeauty, Stay your beauty

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