New Arrival Products---Hair Weave with 2*4 Inch Closure

Hello, everyone. Do you want a new hairstyle for a new look? Then think about our new arrival products--Hair weave with 2*4 inch closure. It ,owes lower price, has more narrow lace part, but more wide hair part which is adjusted by our company according to current customer needs--buy the same high quality hair with less money. Now, to meet the various requires of customer, Hairinbeauty provides four kinds of hair weave with 2*4 inch closure, deep wave, kindly curly hair, body wave and silky straight hair. Next, let me introduce them to you one by one.

Kinky Curly Hair With 2*4 Inch Middle Part Lace Closure

  Kinky curly hair weave, as the name suggests, is one kind of curly hair. Compare with deep wave hair, it is more curly and bouncy. The curly hair of new product has the same quality as the previous one, and the attractive part is 2*4 inch closure which is more cheap than 4*4 lace closure. The new product is more convenient for many customers because they can buy curly hair once only, not two times, it will save their time. The previous products which we offered are curly hair weave without closure. The new matching product provide more matching possibility for customers.

Deep Wave Virgin Hair With Lace Closure 2*4 Inch

Body Wave Virgin Hair With Lace Closure 2*4 Inch

  Deep wave hair has more big curvature than body wave, which is nowadays popular hairstyle. The new products of deep wave and body wave keep the high quality which are cut from young donor’s head directly without any chemical. The front part of 2*4 inch closure--baby hair and the more real hairline can give the wearer a better feeling. It compare favorable with real human hair.

Silky Straight Hair With 2*4 Inch Lace Closure

This new product of silky straight hair has the same texture with our top sale straight hair whose texture is so silky, smooth and bright.Straight hair is easy to restyle, you do not need much effort and time on it. And you can use our straight hair to dye and iron without cause many damages to make more hairstyles for you. The new product can meet the basic needs of the customers.

After the introduction part, i want to share a big new to you. Pay attention, please notice, 8.20-8.25,Hairinbeauty one year anniversary, every customer shopped in our website can enjoy 10$ unlimited coupon, and the over s$299 reduce $15, over 499 reduce $29, these coupon can superimposed use in this period.

Ok, i hope the blog can help you have a better shopping time in our website. If you have any questions, please write your comments, let us know. Enjoy your day!

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