New Arrival Hair Closure-5*5 and 2*6 Hair Closure

 For many black women, the hair extension ,closure and frontal are very necessary in their daily life, they need use these hair products to make any new hair styles they prefer. Among these hair products, the closure play an important role in making hair unit. Most of you are familiar with the common one-4*4 closure or 13*4 frontal. With the change of various hair styles, many people want some new hair products. To meet different customers’ needs, Hairinbeauty officially present new hair closure-5*5 and 2*6 Hair Closure.

5*5 lace closure

The New 5*5 closure base on Swiss lace, same with 4*4 closure, you don’t need to spend much time on the wearing, it is easy to flat down, then sew it. Also , there are three different hairline part, typical free part, you can do whatever hairline you want yourself, and the conveniently wearing, deep part already, the middle part and three part hair line closure. You can choose the one according to your need. The 5*5 closure also take many benefits to some people who want the bigger lace part. It is a 5inch with 5 inch lace base, you can adjust closure flexible.

Before we present 5*5 closure, many customers go to check the 5*5 closure or bigger one with us, that will be a great news to them. Hope the introduction is also useful for those have interested in 5*5 closure.

2*6 lace closure

  The 2*6 closure is totally different with 5*5 ,4*4 and other kinds of closures. It has a more slight lace part, it is 2inch with 6 inch, so as to the hairline will be longer and looks more deeper. If you want this kind of hairline, also want it looks natural, you can think of the 2*6 closure. This closure characteristic with Swiss lace, double strong machine weft can help you avoid the shedding problem. What’s more, the closure have the been plucked,has natural baby hair, that can make your hair looks more natural. For 2*6 closure, now we provide the free part and middle part.

  Both 5*5 closure and 2*6 closure, now the silky straight hair and body wave hair are available, if you have interest in these two closures or want to try some new style closures, you can pick the straight hair or body wave, get a new and fresh look.

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