How to straighten hair yourself with right way

Women have special feeling on different hairstyles, they prefer to change their hairstyles after a certain period of time. About the reason, one, they feel bored with present style; another is that they would like to represent a new look and improve their moods. Straight, curly hairstyles are two basic kind of style, generally, women choose hairstyles from these. If you now own curly style and want to change it or have interest on straighten hair, so keep reading, let me show you how to straighten hair by yourself.

Step one Prepare fundamental tools

   Actually, tools used to straighten hair commonly show up in many homes of numerous women. The most important one is flat iron. Certainly, you also need prepare hair dryer, wide tooth comb, shampoo, conditioner, repairing essential oil, straightening cream and some other things.

Step two straighten hair

  Pay attention, pay attention, the highlight part is here. Let us enter the straighten part. OK, washing your hair or curly wave hair weave first. You should use warm water wet your hair, then use moisturizing shampoo to wash it, put some conditioner to wash again, smear part of straightening cream on your head. After that, wait few minutes, with the help of your hair dryer, you can accelerate the speed of your hair drying. Next, split your hair into many parts, bundle these parts using some rubber bands. You can pick one bundle first, put the hair on the flat iron, from the top to the bottom, straighten curly hair more than twice times. Carry on doing straighten hair from bundle to bundle. One times later, if you are unsatisfied with consequent, just do the same thing again. Two times can make sure your hair more smooth and silky.

Step three Daily caring 

  After straighten your hair, you should pay more time to care the hair because the flat iron cause some damages to your hair. Each time, afetr you wash your hair, smear some repairing essential oil or other repairing products on your hair or hair weave which can repair dry and rough hair.

Now, let us introduce some precautions


1 pick a high quality flat iron

2 use conditioner and hair mask to wash hair

3 to keep straight hair, do the straighten thing once three months

4 straighten your front part hair to make sure perfect hairstyle


1 put the flat iron close your skin

2 open the flat iron when you are not using it

3 use too hot degree when straighten

4 after washing, directly put the flat iron on your hair.

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