How To Store Wigs?

Storing Wigs Properly Will Keep Them Shiny, And In Good Condition, And Extend Their Life, Giving You Your Money's Worth. Conversely, If You Don't Store Wigs Properly, They Can Lose Their Value Over Time And Become Matted And Tangled.

Hair before storage

Before putting away the wig, it needs to be tidied up. Just like you can't leave dirty laundry in the closet unwashed. This also applies to wigs to prevent them from deforming, discoloring.

Detangle Your Wig

Properly Detangling Your Wig Will Prevent It From Losing Its Style Or Form.

Step 1: Place Your Wig On A Wig Stand.

Step 2: Spray Detangling Spray On Your Wig.

Step 3: Detangle The Worse Tangles And Knots With Your Fingers.

Step 4: Detangle The Wig With A Wide Tooth Comb.
Wash Your Wig

Wash Your Wig With Mild Wig Shampoo And Care For It Properly. This Will Help Remove Dirt From The Wig And Make It Shine. Care Should Also Be Taken When Cleaning The Wig To Prevent Further Damage. Run Your Hands Gently Through Your Hair To Avoid Wrinkles And Tangles.

Make Sure Your Wig Is Completely Dry

After Cleaning The Wig, Make Sure It Is Completely Dry Before Putting It Away. Storing Wet Or Damp Wigs Can Cause Mold And Damage To The Hair Fibers. It Also Attracts Harmful Chemicals. The Best Way To Dry A Wig Is To Let It Air Dry. You Can Also Use A Hair Dryer On A Human Hair Wig, But Make Sure To Apply A Heat Protectant Or Dry It At A Low Temperature.



How To Store Wigs?


Store Wigs On Wig Stands Or Heads

Storing Wigs In Wig Stands Or Head Models Is Often The Preferred Method Of Wig Storage. Because The Wig Head Is Constructed Like A Human Head, It Will Help Maintain The Style And Shape Of The Wig To A Great Extent.


Tips For Storing Wigs

Here Are Some Additional Tips To Keep Your Wig Safe:

Keep Your Wig Out Of Direct Sunlight.

Don't Store Wet Wigs.

Place It At A Cool, Dry Room Temperature Away From Moisture.

Keep Wigs Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets.

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