How to stop tangles in your hair?

The best way to ensure you don’t have to brush out your tangles is to stop them before they even start. We all can’t wake up everyday expecting to have great hair. Especialy many beautiful ladies have to fight with tangled hair every morning. But sometimes fighting tangles can be a serious business: brush them out while dry need to run the risk of creating more tangles; brush them out while wet possibly cause breakage. So learing how to deal with hair tangles in a right way is necesasary for each beautiful ladies.

Trust me, after taking long hair for so many years, I have gone through all the painful feeling on detangling my hair and eventually find out how to fix it.

Here are some tips on how you can do to stop tangles in your hair. Make a few changes in your hair-care routine to encourage tangle-free hair. Just read and make a change.


Brushing hair more frequently, especially before bed is a great way to avoid tangles.But please remember to brush or comb in small sections, starting from the tips. Try pulling the knot apart with your fingers into smaller sections before brushing, because raking a brush through a knot may only cause the knot to tighten and become worse. It may even cause your hair to break. So please be patience and warm when you start this work, gently brush or come each section. After you finish this part before sleeping, braiding your hair is a fantastic option to keep hair smooth and knot-free,it will help keep your hair from getting tangled while you sleep. If you want to protect your hair better from tangling, wrap your hair in a cap before going to sleep, this even can protect your hair patterns.


Don't wash your hair every day, because this may result in dry hair—and dry hair is prone to getting tangled.But when you wash your hair, please choose shampoo without sulfates and silicones, these two chemical may help your hair appear sleek and smooth, but they will evently leave your hair brittle and dry. So please choose shampoo which have some sort of natural ingredients oil in them, cause that will help moisturize your hair, thus minimizing tangles. And do a deep conditioning every two weeks, deep conditioning will help smooth the hair cuticle and eventualy will help prevent tangles. After you washed your hair, use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush when detangling wet hair. Must remember, never rub your hair with a towel. This will lead to tangles and frizz, you sould wrap your hair up and gently scrunch it with a soft towel, this could be more helpful and going natural and air drying hair is a good way to prevent getting damaged ends.


Flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers all damage hair, because it causes hair too dry out completely. So please don’t use too much heat styling, if you must style your hair by heat, please use a spray on a heat-protective spray onto your hair first, this will prevent the heat from frying your hair. Also if you want to dye and bleach your hair, please keep your hair dyes and bleaching to a minimum, I'm pretty much obsessed with dying my hair, but I've learned to keep the hair dyes to 3 times a year at most, because it's still dye, and will ultimately cause damage whether we want to believe it or not. The more dye you use, the drier the hair will be, and tangles become more frequent after dying. So keeping dyes to a minimum is best to keep the hair less damaged and less tangled.

Are these convenient? Just make a few changes in your hair-care routine, then you will get beautiful,gorgrous and great hair when you wake up every morning.Just take a try to meet the new beginning.


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Now go and conquer these tangles!





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