How to Restyle Your Short Bob Wig

Short bob wig recently has become a fashion trend for many beautiful black women, not only because of its fashion look and various hair styles, but also the higher temperature day by day. So as to , the proper way to restyle and care your bob wig are getting more and more important. Today, follow us, to catch more information on bob wig styles and suitable care ways.

Bob Wigs

There are many different bob wigs, like the straight bob wig, curly bob wig and deep wave bob wig. These three kinds are the most popular one, you can choose straight hair style or curly hair style according to your interest. The basic length for bob wig is among 10-16 inch. With beautiful baby hair, the wig is pre plucked, knots has been bleached. The straight one also have the natural hair line. Let us get to wig caps. Most customer worry about the cap is not suitable for their heads, actually bob wig caps has the adjustable straps and elastic net, you can adjust the size according the head size. That is a very important point for many customers. So, girls, hold change, choose your favorite bob wig.

Restyle Ways

For cute bob wigs, many restyle hair looks are well known. Here we introduce some popular ways to you.

First one, half ball hair style. A lot of people love this style since its cute look and easy weaving, also suitable for both straight bob and curly bob. You just need pick frontal part half hair, then use a rubber band to weave hair, weave a braid, half ponytail or half bun, then a half ball hair style shows up.

Second one, half curly hair style. This way is suitable for straight bob wig. Taking end part hair of your bob wig, then use flat iron or roller to curly this part hair, piece by piece, then you can get this style, very easy, also very cute

Third one, hair belt look. Most easy look. You can just buy one hair belt, put it in frontal part of your wig or use hair belt circle your head, the rest part make a rosette.

The restyle ways part come to end, hope your girls can try it, to find most suitable way for you.

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