How To Put A Wig In A High Ponytail?

Do you still not sure what to do your wig style in the summer? It is a great idea to style a wig in a ponytail in summer. Many women just don't know how to put their wigs into a ponytail. Read our post about How to Put Your Wig In A High Ponytail right now.

When it comes to human hair wigs, there are plenty of hairstyles you can choose from. The style versatility is what makes human hair wigs very popular across the can change the different hairstyle every day. It all depends on your preferences and what hairstyle matches your personal style.

Ponytail is a classic hairstyle that has been around for the longest time. Most ladies love it. A ponytail hairstyle will not only enhance your look but will give you a youthful look. If you are considering wearing your high-quality human hair wig and want to do ponytail hairstyle.


What wig suitable make a ponytail

No matter what type of wig you have, you can wear it in a ponytail. You want a full lace wig, lace front wig, or 360 lace frontal wig, all are ok.
How to make a wig in a high ponytail?
Here is a guide to help you make the perfect wig ponytail.
1.Secure your wig
The first thing you need to do before you start making a high ponytail is to secure it to a mannequin head or a wig cap. Once your wig looks neat and secure, comb your hair in. if you like, you can leave a few strands. Keep the back of the wig closer to the hairline on the nape of your neck. However, it is worth mentioning that you need to be very careful so that you don't end up pulling your hair too tight, revealing your hairline or the wig cap underneath.
2.Pull up your hair
Grab a section of your hair that you want to tie in a ponytail and secure it in place using a hairband. If you prefer a dressier look, hold the section of your hair you had in your hands previously and grab a comb preferably a smaller com] and make it hold the hair tightly.
3.Secure your ponytail
Flip your ponytail up toward the top of your head and use your small comb to grab the ponytail and hair beneath. Flip the ponytail back down to fall over your small comb to create a beautiful ponytail that's a bit different. If you prefer, you can also leave a bit of bang down to create a more cute, casual, and beautiful look.
4.Put on the wig
Once you have secured the wig, it's time to place it. You can place the wig without necessarily using the bobby pins at this stage. However, if you want to make the wig more secure on your head, once you have put it on, you need to take bobby pins and spot spaces in the webs where the pins should be placed. Pin your wig on the wig cap and ensure that the pins are not visible.
5.Finish the look
Now that you have successfully made your ponytail, it is time to give it a finish look. You can choose to style your high ponytail in whichever way you want as long as it suits your personal style. Once you have styled it, ensure that the foundation is not visible. Whenever you want to adjust your hair, ensure that you pull down the nape to help ensure that it doesn't slip or slide when you move your head. You can also add accessories to your ponytail to make it look more beautiful.

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