How To Prepare Your Natural Hair For A Wig

Wigs have already been a fashion style for natural hair and have gotten more and more popular among black women in recent years. However, in order to make a wig look more natural, it is important to know how to prepare your natural hair for a wig.

Make Your Natural Hair Is Clean
First of all, before wearing a lace front wig, you must make sure your natural is clean. After all, if you haven’t washed your natural hair for a few days and your scalp is sweaty and filled with the build-up of products, If your hair is not clean, with oil and dust, wearing a wig for a long time in this case will damage the overall health of the scalp.
To keep your hair and scalp healthy, please clean natural hair and scalp regularly.

Ensure Hair Is Dry Before Installing A lace Wig
It is important to make sure your natural hair is totally dry before applying the wig, too. That is because a mass of wet or even damp natural hair gathered under a wig cap is not only extremely uncomfortable but can also promote the growth of nasty bacteria.

Prepare Hair For A Wig
Unless you are bald, you need to decide what to do with the natural hair under a wig. Some people might pull their hair back in a ponytail. In fact,The overall effect of this is not good, it looks very unnatural.

There is doubt that braiding your natural hair is one of the best and easiest ways to hide your hair under a wig. Although braids are not as flat as other styles, they can perfectly protect your natural hair and make it easier for women to maintain natural hair and scalp. For example, when you want to cleanse and moisturize your natural hair or scalp, it allows you easier access to the scalp.
How To Braid Short Natural Hair
Step One: Divide your natural hair into two sections from the middle part and then braid both sections.

Step Two: Take one braid and take it under the opposite braid and up round the front of your head, then secure with some pins.

Step Three: Take your second braid and cross it under the opposite braid and bring it to the front of the head, secure with some pins tightly again.

How To Braid Long Natural Hair
Step One: Tie hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head and divide the hair equally into 4 sections and braid each section.

Step Two: Take one braid and wrap it around your head about an inch away from your hairline and use some pins pin to secure every few inches.

Step Three: Repeat the above operation, don’t forget to wrap each braid behind the rows of the previous braid.

Step Four: Use the final plait to wrap it into a spiral and end it at the base of the original ponytail.
The twist is the easiest way to wear your natural hair under a wig.

How To Twist Your Natural Hair
Step One: Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your natural hair and then slick back the hairline with gel.

Step Two: Part your hair down the middle, grab one of the two strands and pull it back like you were trying to put it in a tight ponytail.

Step Three: Twist it until it starts rolling up like a snail.

Step Four: Fix it at the back of your head with some pins.

Step Five: Repeat the same steps on the other side.
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