How to Make Human Hair Wig Silky & Soft

Struggling with tangled hair wig? Human hair wig is an investment and they need care just like you do to your natural hair. Since they are made up of natural human hair, they behave like your natural hair. The only difference is that they do not receive the required nourishment naturally and lack the scalp oil that keeps the hair moisturized.

How to Make Human Hair Wig Silky

However high maybe the quality of the wig, it will start deteriorating after a point. However, the life of the human hair wigs lasts long if you pay more attention and give the kind of care it needs.

In this article, we will walk you through these tips on how to make your human wig silky for a longer period. But before that let’s quickly understand why does your wig become dry.

3 Reasons why human hair turns dry:

Exposure to the sun, hard water, and chlorine

Lack of natural oil

Too much exposure to chemicals



How to make human hair wig silky?


We suggest you keep a day fixed to wash your human hair wig and do not miss it. When you know it’s the time, keep everything ready and get going! Ensure you clean the wig before you wash it. A simple way to clean your human hair wig is to just comb from top to bottom and get rid of the dirt and tangling. Avoid hanging the wig. It is advised that you lay them on a flat surface and comb gently. Also, avoid using a plastic comb and use a wooden comb instead. Ensure the comb is clean and used specifically for your human hair wig.

Use a good quality oil

Like you oil your hair before every wash, you must oil your wig too. You can use any easily available hair oil. Some commonly used hair oil is Coconut Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Castor Oil, etc. Simply apply the oil on your palm and gently rub the hair. Once you have completed oiling the hair, it is time to wash.Shampoo and Condition

Use a shampoo and a conditioner of a good brand. Clean the scalp carefully and gently. If you ask us how to select the best shampoo for your wig, we would say try a few and zero down to one.

Keep them moisturized

Use a good quality hair mask to moisturize your wig. Apply the mask gently and keep it for 2 minutes. Mask works like magic for very dry hair. Rinse with normal water.

Style Carefully

After every wash, ensure you blow-dry your wig. Letting them dry on their own may result in hair tangling which will be difficult to handle. Simply brush and dry! If you want to try extra styling like curling or perming, ensure you are easy on your wig. Handle the wig carefully while styling.

Hide them from the sun

Too much exposure to the sun is harmful to the human hair wig. Every time you step out, ensure you cover your head.

Don’t use hard water

Do not take your wig lightly when it comes to treating them under the water. Ensure you are not using hard water to wash them. Hard water will again make the hair dry and rough. Even if you use good quality shampoo, it will be of no good with hard water.

Pick naturals from the kitchen

You may sometime like to treat your wig with naturals from the kitchen. Like you do to your natural hair, your human hair wig can also become silky with organic items in your kitchen. You can make a smooth curd paste and apply it to your wig. Wash with shampoo and rinse.

Store them carefully

When not in use, store your wig in a silky cloth. This will help in keeping your wig straight. You can keep a separate box to store your wig.

Brush regularly

A regular combing to your wig also keeps the hair of the wig smooth and silky. The idea is to keep them untangled.

Treat them under the right water temperature

Not only should you use soft water to wash your wig, but the right temperature is also important. A normal room temperature water is good enough to wash your wig.
Our Take

Thankfully, human hair wigs do not turn grey. This also means the amount of care needed for your natural hair is much lesser in your human hair wig. However, you must not take them lightly when it comes to taking care of them. Like you love the way mange your natural hair, you must fall for your natural hair wig too for them to last long. Pull out some time to give them the nursing it needs and you’ll not regret the money spent.

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