How To Make Curl Last In 3 Ways

We all love curls, but creating curls that last all day can be a difficult thing to do. Perhaps some people spend hours at home learning the technique of curling their hair and still fail to achieve lasting results. If you don't know how to make your curls last longer either, keep reading for more simple tricks!


Why Your Hair Won't Stay Curly?

There are many potential reasons why your hair doesn't hold a curl, and solving these problems is half or even all the way to success. Let's go into a little more detail.
1. You're using the wrong products

If keeping your hair curly is a hard thing for you to do, the first thing you need to think about is what products you are using and how much of them you are using. One of the key factors in trying to get straight hair to turn curly is preparing your hair correctly.

You need to use a lot of mousse and heat protectant to give your hair more hold before blow-drying it. But mousse is used to dry hair by removing moisture and making it easier to style, so it's best not to use it too often.

If you plan to curl your hair, it's also a smart move to skip conditioner or use it sparingly. Conditioner makes hair very smooth, so adding texture to your hair becomes more difficult. If your hair is naturally straight or relatively smooth, you can use dry shampoo or a texturizing spray to add some grip before curling your hair.

If you're looking for a way to keep fine hair curly, then you can follow the less-is-more guidelines for styling fine hair. Use a light, breathable product before curling your hair and avoid heavier moisturizers. If you have too much product in your fine hair, or if the products are too heavy, they will weigh your hair down and the curls will be less likely to hold.

2.Choosing the correct size of curling iron is also very important. Larger barrel-size curlers will create looser curls, a shape that is almost invisible after a while on thick, hard hair. If you are having a hard time getting your hair to curl, try using a smaller barrel to create smaller curls.


Most curlers are made in ¼ inch increments. 1-inch curlers work well for most hair types. The longer and heavier your hair is, the smaller the barrel size you'll want to use. This is because long hair will weigh itself down, causing the curls to stretch more and will cause them to flatten quickly.

It's also important to choose a tool that you can control the temperature of. There is no need to burn your hair just to get bouncy curls. In fact, a temperature of 300-350 degrees is the best temperature for creating long-lasting curls.

A temperature that is too low may be one reason why you can't get curls that last. If curls don't form within a minute or two, your heat tool needs to be an even - better - hitter.

3 tips to keep your hair curly

If you've done all the things listed above correctly and you're still having a hard time keeping your hair curly, it may just be that your hair is hard to curl and requires you to go the extra mile to keep it that way. Read on to learn 3 tips to keep your hair curly.

1: Let the curls cool

You may think that running your fingers or a comb through your hair will make the curls more even, but you should not do this if possible and wait until the curls have cooled down completely. The natural oils in your skin will quickly loosen and flatten curls. For better results, wait at least until you have curled your entire head before combing your hair.

2: Clip your curls

If letting your curls cool completely isn't enough for your stubborn hair, then you can try using duckbill clips to hold your curls near the roots after each curl is done, or if you don't have duckbill clips on hand, bobby pins will work! Doing so will allow your curls to cool down in a tighter position and make your curls last longer.

 3: Spray Your Curls

Many people have used hairspray, but knowing how to use it properly many don't. Using it correctly is another secret to getting long-lasting curls. Only use hairspray after your hair has been curled to prevent the heat from the curling iron from burning the hairspray and your hair.

You can spray each curl with a touchable hold hairspray after it's finished and pinned in place. Once your look is complete, you can finish with hairspray or a stronger styling agent to keep the wig in place.

It used to be a challenge to keep your curls in place all day, but not so much now! Try these simple tips the next time you curl your hair and you're guaranteed to experience longer-lasting curls.

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