How To Maintain Your Human Hair Wigs

Wigs enhance your style and beautify your facial features so wear it with confidence.In your life and work, it can bring you a confident and comfortable experience

There’s nothing more spectacular than a fresh new look. Keeping that look stunning requires some day to day management that will protect your investment and keep you feeling beautiful and confident.
1.Facts About Human Hair Wigs

The best thing about the affordable human hair wigs is that with very little maintenance, you can easily style your wig and put it on your head without doing anything to your own natural hair. compare to the synthetic wig, the human hair wig can use a long time when you care to use it and soft than the synthetic wig

2.How To Wash Your Lace Front Human Hair Wig

Wash your human hair wig once about 1-2 weeks is best, and also it depends on the frequency of wearing.

Use cold water or mild water to clean your hair wig.

Apply a very small drop of high-quality mild shampoo to the wet hair (avoid the scalp area).

Comb the shampoo through the hair from top to bottom using gentle downward strokes one section at a time. Do not rub the hair or scalp as you would with your own.

Apply the conditioner evenly on the ends of the hair, (Avoid application of conditioner to the base of the wig as it can loosen the knots on the cap, causing hair loss to your hair piece.)

Rinse again with cool to lukewarm water from the top down and from the inside of the cap to remove excess shampoo.

Gently blot hair with a towel.

3.Drying Your Natural Human Hair Wig

Do not dry your wig with a blow dryer. It can dry out and damage the hair cuticle Gently squeeze excess water from the wig (do not rub or wring) and use dry towel to suck additional water in the hair(do not twist or wring).

Place it in a ventilated place, avoid damage of hair caused by sun exposure.

4.Combing Your Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

Please comb the hair after the hair is dry. When combing your human hair wig, Use special wide brush to comb your hair(, start from hair end to top, this will prevent your hair wig from shedding.

or if you install curly hair,  you can use your hand to make it orderly after wearing.

If you hair wig is tangling after long use, do not pull your hair, spray some wig-specific non-oily conditioner, and comb it with wide-toothed comb or hand carefully and do not rush.

5.Styling Tips For Your 100% Human Hair Wigs

To restyle your human hair wig, you may use a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron on low heat settings only or use electric rollers on a medium setting. Do not use flat-iron or curler too often, it will cause you hair wig lack of glossy, dry and easy to broken.

You absolutely can keep on manipulating the style of the wig whenever you want and wear your hair wig up. Just need to know the "rule" that do not tie your hair

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