How To Get Perfect Wet And Wavy Hair?

Generations of hairstylists have favored wet and wavy hair and it has become a classic red-carpet look in recent years. Whether it's for a party or a night out, wet and wavy hair is a great way to make your hair look sexy and beautiful. It doesn't require any heat styling tools to create, and I'll walk you through how to achieve the perfect wet and wavy hair look step by step.



What tools are needed to create wet and wavy hair?


Broad tooth comb: A broad tooth comb will minimize hair damage caused by pulling when combing hair


Jerry curly wig: the most suitable match for a wet and wavy hair look is a jerry curly wig. It is recommended that you buy a human hair wig so that there is no excessive frizz.


Hairspray: The secret to having a wet and wavy hair look is to choose a good quality bottle of hairspray, as it is the most essential product for creating any smooth look.


Styling spray: It can make your hair last longer and the style can look shiny. It can also increase the softness of your hair, etc.


Conditioner: Conditioner can help you to have a smooth, natural shine while creating your hairstyle. It provides your hair with a certain amount of nutrition.



Steps to do wet and wavy hair


Step 1 wear your jerry curly wig

After washing your hair and putting on the wig cap, take out your wig and put it on your head, and adjust the position. The hairline area may feel a little dry or unnatural, you can choose to put a few drops of oil on the hairline or create some baby hair.


Step 2 Let the wig become wet

If you want nearly perfect wet and wavy hair, first make sure your wig is in a wet hair state. You can choose to soak the wig in water for a short while or take out a spray can and spray water evenly on the wig. You need to be careful, however, to control the water content of your wig and not to get it too wet. Just make sure the wig is wet but not so wet that it drips down.


Step 3 Comb the hair

After you get damp hair, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through the hair from root to tip. This is why we recommend you use a broad-tooth comb, as it will prevent the tangling of the hair when it is wet. It will smooth your hair in a more gentle way.


Step 4 Apply gel

The gel helps to keep wet and wavy hair moist. If you don't apply the right amount of gel, the water on your hair will quickly dry out and it won't be wet and wavy hair in the true sense of the word. Take out some of the gel and apply it to your palm and spread it evenly on your wig, not too much.


Step 5 Comb your hair back and add shine spray

After applying the gel, you can use a fine tooth comb to get a more curly look to your hair. If you are looking for a more perfect and sleek look, you can apply a bristle brush. After this step you have very shiny wet and wavy hair, take out a bottle of shine spray to add some shine to your wig.


Step 6 Styling wet and wavy hair

For the final step, make minor adjustments to the wet and wavy hair, then take out the styling spray and spray a small amount on the hair. You'll have the perfect juicy wet and wavy hair!

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