How To Fix Frizzy Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are undoubtedly the best wigs in the market. They not only give wearers a more natural look but they are extremely durable and they offer style versatility. However, since they are made from real hair,  if they are not taken care of properly.

And, of course, when your human hair Frizzy, it won’t do any good to your looks, and it will be hard to style the wig. This is why you need to prevent your wig from Frizzy. And if your wig happens to frizz, you need to know the right steps to fix it.



What Causes Human Hair Wigs To Frizz?


Before we look into what can make your wig appear frizzy. It is crucial to understand what the underlying cause is. Frizz occurs as a result of a lack of moisture in the wig. This can cause the wig to seek moisture around it, which is why humidity can worsen the situation. A frizzy wig usually appears dry instead of smooth and defined.

Other than lack of moisture, there are a number of factors that can make your human hair wigs more susceptible to frizz. Let’s delve into them:
1. Washing your lace wigs with too hot water

Washing your human hair lace wigs with too hot water can significantly damage your wig.Destroy the hair's cuticles, resulting in a very rapid loss of moisture and nutrients in the hair. Hair will not be able to lock in moisture and keep hair smooth。

2.Washing your human hair wigs more often

Without a doubt, there are certain shampoos that can mess with your human hair wigs natural oils, leading to a dry, dull wig that looks frizzy. Choose the right shampoo, choose silicone-free, mild shampoo, suitable for usual cleanup and care. The frequency of shampooing can be about once a week. Frequent washing will cause the oil on the hair to lose too fast, and the hair is easy to be frizzy. But if you don’t wash your hair for a long time, the oil, dust, or some hairspray or wax accumulation on the hair will also damage the hair.

3.Drying your lace front wigs with a rough towel

If you can’t air-dry your lace front wigs after washing it, then you should invest in a very good microfiber towel. This kind of towel will gently absorb excess moisture while preventing your wig from frizz.

4.Using hot styling tools every day

Another common factor that causes a frizzy wig is styling your human hair lace front wigs with hot hair styling tools daily. Again, daily heat can strip your wig of its natural moisture, leading to frizz. These hair styling tools can damage your human hair wigs.

Whether you are using a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, you should ensure that the heat is medium or low. But if possible, you should let your wig air dry after washing. Using low or medium heat will help you protect your hair.

5.Brushing the real human hair wigs too often

While brushing your real hair wig is perfect for removing knots and tangles, but is not always good at keeping frizz at bay, especially if you are not planning to use the blow dryer. And also pay attention to how you brush your wig. Brush your hair gently starting from the ends as you go upwards. Again, make sure you use the right hairbrush. The perfect brush is the wide-tooth comb. It can prevent breakage. You should note that brushing your wig more than necessary can actually stretch its strands, leading to breakage.

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