How To Dyed The Hair To Blonde

For many women, hair color and style is so important. They prefer to change the color and style to show their different and endless charm. About changing hair color, one way is to buy some new bundles of virgin hair weave, the another is to dye your hair. The first way is more expensive than the second. So today we will focus on the cheaper way--dyeing. And I will show you how to dye straight virgin hair weave into blonde.

  At first, let me introduce some tools. We need prepare some basic dying tools, for example, pure light powder lightner nur, cream deverloper, hair liquid toner and  toning shampoo. At the same time, some subsidiary tools also need to be prepared,

particular gloves, bowl, dye brush, tinfoil. The most important material is some bundles of any type natural color human hair extension (Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair or Malaysian hair)

The pictures as follow


Step 1: Preparation

    At beginning, let us do some preparations to protect us. First, you should put a piece of tinfoil in the table, wear a pair of dyeing glove which can protect your hands, unfold one bundle of hair weave and put it in the tinfoil.

Step 2 : Mix the dye materials

    Taking six spoons of pure light powder lightner in the bowl, then you should  also put the developer and hair liquid toner in, mix them with a dye brush throughly, until these two things get a really creamy consistency. Pay attention, the more powder lightner you add, the more developer put in. Besides, the hair liquid toner helps to protect the hair during the process.

Step 3 : Apply bleach mixture

   Now, the most important part is coming. First, you should brush hair slowly and gentle to make hair smoothly. Second, using dye brush to apply hair from bottom to top very carefully, finished apply some parts of hair, you should also use toothed--comb to brush hair to keep neat. After dyeing in one side, turn over, do the same thing in the another side. What's more, you must focus on any corners and edges of hair, apply the every single strand of hair, so as to the color of whole hair will be nice and equal. Last, folding the tinfoil to cover hair weft, leave it for 45-50 minutes. During this process, you can apply another hair weave. Keep in your mind, don't open the tinfoil during dyeing. The applying part may takes you much time, so, my friends, be more patient.

Step 4 : Rinse hair weave and Dry

    Open the tinfoil, then rinse hair weave with warm water patiently, over and over again. After washing away the bleach mixture, using toning shampoo for dyed hair to remove residual chemicals and make hair fragrant. In this part, comb also be used to wash hair. Notice, maybe you will rinse hair weft with shampoo many times. On drying part, just put your hair weave in a dry and ventilated place, let the hair dry naturally. Warning, don't use hair dryer to shorten this process. The hair dryer will ruin the texture and quality of hair weave.

Review the whole process, you can see that dye virgin hair weave into blonde is not difficult. Everyone can try to change personal image through dye the virgin hair. Let us show our new charm with the beautiful blonde hair weave.

     And if you have any more questions, let me know, leave any comments down below. I’ll try to get to them as soon as possible. Hope this could be helpful.

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