How To Dye The Human Hair Wig 

Ever want to try different hair colors but can not find in the website . Dyeing the human hair wig at home may be the best choice for you. The benefit of dyeing human hair wigs by yourself is that can choose in many different colors. you can easily dye your hair at home. So what should we pay attention to when we dye hair?

Virgin human hair wig is the best hair wig to use for coloring. The reason is that virgin hair is unprocessed and has full cuticle and will absorb the color better than other types of hair.and not easy damage the hair



What Are The Coloring Tips You Should Know Before dying A Wig?


Tips 1: Read The Dyeing Instructions Carefully

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before dyeing. Please avoid special conditions such as allergies

Tips 2: Be Loyal To The Primary Hair Colors

Whether your hair's color is natural or has changed when you select new hair color, you must be loyal to your primary colors,It is only recommended that you bleach and dye your hair once. If you are not very satisfied with the color of your hair, it is not recommended that you dye it twice. Repeated dyeing in a short period of time will cause great damage to the hair, and the damage is irreversible.

Tips 3: Be Careful With Curly Human Hair Wig

Because curly human hair wig is easier to absorb hair dye than straight human hair wig and more easily damaged. So when you dye your wig, remember to reduce the dye component.  

Tips 4: Make Sufficient Reserves Before Dying

Usually a can of hair dye, enough for the middle long hair wig to use once (hair to the shoulder area). If your wig is particularly long or particularly thick, make sure you have enough reserves before you dye your long human hair wig, or you'll be too embarrassed to get half your fuel.


Step 1: Wash The Wig To Remove Styling Products

If the wig is smeared, you need to wash the wig several days before coloring it to remove any modeling product buildup. Do not hold too much force when shampooing, Do not apply conditioner or styling product to the wig before coloring.

Step 2: Secure The Wig

Secure the clean wig to the wig head using T-pins. Comb through the wig to remove tangles.

The best way to color a wig is to lay it flat on a solid surface. Laying it flat allows you to distribute the coloring agents and product evenly.

Step 3: Wear Gloves And Mix The Hair Color

If you are doing your own hair dye, remember to wear disposable gloves to reduce the direct contact between the dye and the skin. Mix the hair color in the bowl according to package directions.

Step 4: Apply The Color To The Wig

Use the hair color brush to apply the color to the human hair wig. Make sure all strands of hair are thoroughly covered. Keep the color away from the hair knots at the base of the wig as well as the wig's cap.

Step 5: Wait 10 Minutes For The Color To Set

Strictly follow the dyeing time in the instructions. If the hair dye stays on the hair for too long, it may cause irreparable damage to the hair.

Step 6: Washing Water After Dyeing

Remove the wig from the wig head and rinse in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Apply the after-color conditioner and leave it on for the length of time stated on the package's directions. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 7: Let The Wig To Dry Thoroughly

Put the human hair wig on a towel and blot to remove excess water, replacing wet towels if necessary. Pin the wig back onto the wig head and comb through gently. Allow the wig to dry thoroughly.
After dyeing, it is recommended to do a deep care of the wig, which can keep the hair soft and shiny

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