How To Do A Hot Oil Treatment For Hair At Home

Is your hair dry, frizzy or brittle and breaks easily? Here we recommend hot oil treatment. As a popular option for protecting and nourishing dry, brittle hair, hot oil treatment is getting more and more popular among people. Keep reading to learn more information, including what a hot oil treatment is, how to do an oil treatment by yourself, and so on.

A hot oil treatment for black hair is a hair and scalp treatment that utilizes a mixture of natural oils to treat dry and damaged hair. The hot oil hair treatment is usually applied from root to ends and works by either heating up the oils before application or by sitting under a steamer or hooded dryer after application. During the hot oil treatment for hair growth, the heat factor will allow for the oils to penetrate deeply into your strands, thus making hair softer, more manageable human hair and even bringing a series of other benefits we discuss below.


What Are The Benefits Of A Hot Oil Treatment?

Many of the natural oils used in a hot oil treatment for curly hair have properties that may help protect and moisturize your hair. Therefore, Some of the most important benefits of hot oil treatments include:

  1. Protects and hydrates the dry, brittle hair;
  2. Improves hair strength;
  3. Reduce frizz and split ends;
  4. Curb dry and itchy scalp;
  5. Relief dandruff;
  6. Promote the growth of healthier hair;

How To Do A Hot Oil Treatment

After you have found the oil you want to use, follow these steps to do a hot oil treatment at home.

Step One

First of all, wash your hair with high-quality shampoo and conditioner. After all, hot oils tend to work best on clean the hair, which allows the oil to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle.

Step Two

Fill up a large pot with water and put it over high heat, then bring it to a boil. At the same time, pour 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 44 mL) of your oil of choice into a heat-safe bowl. Then place the bowl of oil into the pot and heats the oils up slowly and evenly. If possible, try not to heat your oil in the microwave. The intense heat from your microwave can cause oil to break down, and it may heat unevenly.

Step Three

Once the oil has reached the appropriate temperature, test the oil on your wrist before applying it to your damp hair. If the oil doesn’t burn your wrist, you can go ahead and start applying it to your hair.

Step Four

Once the oil is distributed throughout the scalp, cover your hair with a shower cap or a warm towel. Leave the oil in for 15-30 minutes—even longer, overnight.

Step Five

When you’ve let your hair sit for long enough,  completely rinse out the oil from your hair with clarifying shampoo. When the oil is gone, follow up with a conditioner to leave your hair feeling shiny, soft, and healthy.

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