How To Detangle Curly Hair Without Damaging Hair?

Curly hair has a volume that no other type of hair has, and using the right hair care products and tools can keep curls at their most bouncy and best. But one common characteristic of curly hair is that it tends to get tangled. Dealing with tangled curly hair can be tricky, but with a little patience and skill, you can avoid damaging your hair and get rid of the tangled curly hair.


How to detangle curly hair without hurting hair?

Step 1 Separate your hair

Never start combing your curly hair without detangling it, this is the most important point you have to remember before combing your curly hair. Because your curly hair has been kept on your head for many days, it is very dry and lacks moisture. In the state of lack of moisture, easy pulling can cause breakage and damage to your hair. You will make a mess of your hair and cause yourself a lot of pain.


Step 2 Spray water on your hair

After parting your hair, look closely at the ends of your hair and you will see that it is very dry and almost impossible to separate. So in the case of extremely dry hair, take out a spray bottle filled with water and spray your hair with water evenly. Water is the first and most important thing that can nourish your curly hair. If you are worried that your hair is still too dry, you can add aloe vera juice or coconut oil to your spray bottle, these are products that can nourish and hydrate your hair.


Step 3 Comb your hair with your fingers

After wetting your hair well with water, run your fingers through the middle of your hair and comb it through. When your hair can be easily combed by your fingers, it will be easier to move on to the next steps. This will reduce damage to your hair, and we often say that your fingers are the best tool for combing your hair. When you find that there are still tangles in your hair during the combing process, instead of using a comb to comb through it, choose to gently comb your hair through with your fingers. It does get boring, but the process of detangling curly hair requires more patience from you, after all, you are the one who made it so frizzy.


Step 4 Apply moisturizing conditioner

Apply your conditioner to your palm first, rub it out and then apply the conditioner from the roots of your hair. Remember to keep smoothing your hair with your hands as you apply. When you are done spraying some water on your hair again, you will find that your hair is not so badly tangled. Your fingers can easily pass through the curly  hair.


Step 5 Comb your curly hair

After applying conditioner and spraying with water, your curly  hair has made a very noticeable difference. Take out a paddle brush. The paddle brush is perfect for curly hair, especially for African American women's native hair, and it will gently comb through your hair without causing too much damage. In this step, you need to start combing your hair from the ends and curl it all together once you are done.

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