How To Choose The Wig Density

When you wanting to wear the natural human hair wigs, the human hair wigs density is an important factor to be considered. the wig you wear on your head is too thick or too thin. So what is the hair density in human hair wigs?



How To Choose Human Hair Wigs Density For Natural-Looking


As we all know, hair thickness is very important for natural-looking. Definitely, wigs thickness also depends on wig wears preference. 150% density is the density of the acquiescent wigs in the market, but the gram for 150% is different with different hair lengths. The higher the density is, the fully for human hair wigs look.

In order to get a natural look, the wigs usually needed to blend with your real human hair, select the wig density close to your hair density will look realistic. For example, if your hair is thin or very fine, extra light density is recommended, if you want to replicate a realistic look close to your hair with natural density, 150% density are ideal options

Different hairstyles require different levels of wig density to presents the best effect of the wigs, if you are fond of a sleek straight hairstyle, due to the sleek straight wig is very smooth and silky,so with the same density, curly human hair wigs will look fuller than straight human hair wigs. This is the characteristic of straight hair.
The other factor decide which density to choose is a personal preference. Maybe some women like thicker Remy human hair wigs, but other women like just right human hair wigs. Everyone will choose 100% human hair wigs according to their preference.

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