How To Care Of Human Hair Wigs In Winter

After short autumn, the cold winter has quietly arrived. In winter, we usually feel the dryness of the lips and the dryness of the hands and face. This phenomenon also occurs in our hair. Therefore, the correct way to care of the wigs in winter has a great influence on the service life of the lace front wigs. Today, we will show you the correct ways to care for your lace wigs:

1.Use conditioner that retains moisture

When the humidity is low in winter, you need to take some measures to keep your hair moist.

First, use a moisturizing shampoo to clean your lace frontal wig. Then, apply a moisturizing conditioner to the hair, apply a deep conditioner to the wig. Let the conditioner soak for another 15 minutes. Then, after the hair has fully absorbed the moisture of the conditioner, you can wash the hair with warm water.

2.Make sure to let the hair dry naturally

In winter, the weather is relatively cold and the temperature is relatively low, some customers choose to use a hair dryer to set the heating position to quickly dry their hair. Although this method saves time, the use of hair dryers can make our hair dry, not to mention the lack of moisture in the winter. this method is not advisable.The correct way is to use a dry soft towel to wrap the hair so that the towel absorbs the moisture in the hair, and then use the natural wind to dry the hair.

(TIPS:Do not use towels to rub your lace part wigs vigorously, as this will make the hair tangled)

3.Please use a wide tooth comb

When your hair dries naturally, you will find that your hair has returned to its natural state. You may choose to use a comb to tidy your hair. Please note that it is recommended that you use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair to avoid unnecessary hair loss or tangles.

4.Please use essential oils to keep the hair moist

It is recommended to use essential oils when the hair is blow-dried naturally, which can reduce water loss

The above is the advice on how to maintain your hair in winter. In fact, you can make different adjustments according to your region and climate.

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