How To Care For Wigs

Now everyone will pursue some fashionable and exquisite styles, but frequent dyeing and perming will cause irreparable damage to the hair. The best way is to choose a wig. There are a lot of colors and styles in wigs, which can meet the requirements of most people. It is very convenient.However, wearing wigs often requires cleaning and maintenance. So do you know how to care for and maintain a human hair wig with the correct method?  can keep your lace frontal wigs for longer.


Wig care and maintenance must know


1.Do not straighten wigs at too high a temperature.Hair is very fragile. Straightening or curling hair at high temperature for a long time, The hair becomes dull, easy to knot, and frizzy. It is impossible to restore the wig after it is damaged.

2.Wigs should not be over-dyed. The dosage of the coloring agent and the time of applying the coloring agent are very important for the long dyeing of the entire hair. If too much hair dye is used and the bleaching time is too long, not only the dyeing fails, but the hair may also be damaged, which affects the use.If necessary, you can ask a professional stylist to help you.

3.Wigs should be cleaned with cold or warm water. When washing, just use ordinary shampoo and it is OK. It can be combined with ordinary conditioner;

Try not to dry the cleaned wig with high-temperature wind such as a hair dryer. Use a dry towel to gently absorb the excess water on the wig and then put it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight to damage the wig。

Do not comb the wig immediately after washing, you should wait until the wig is dry before combing

4.If the wig has been used for a long time and the knot is not good for combing, do not pull it forcefully. You should spray the wig with a special non-oily maintenance fluid and then slowly spread it out, It should be sprayed with non-oily maintenance fluid dedicated for wigs and then slowly and carefully spread

5.When combing a longer wig, divide the wig into several lengths, comb it from bottom to top, be light, and be patient; It is normal for a small amount of hair loss in the process of finishing and wearing; Put it in the original packaging if you don’t usually wear it, and shake it when you want to bring it back.

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