How Long Does Lace Front Wig Last?

Lace front wigs are popular in the wig market because they look natural, are lighter and more comfortable than normal wigs, and are less expensive . You might wonder how long they will last and how they can be extended. This blog will help you understand the life of a former lace wig and give you some tips on how to maintain it.


Introduction to the lace front wig

The lace front wig retains a transparent lace material on the forehead ,and its color is close to your skin ,so it can blend in with your skin, allowing you to have a natural hairline . Front lace wigs are popular in the wig market and are one of the most natural wigs .Lace front wig life

The service life of a front lace wig is related to the quality of the wig, usually high quality human hair wigs last twice as long as synthetic ones, which is why most people opt for human hair wigs when they can afford it.  Of course, the use of heating tools and other products can also cause damage to fake hair, damaging the quality of the wig and reducing the life of the former lace wig. The color of the wig and the frequent speed of using the lace wig will also affect it . Therefore, in general, the service life of the former lace wig is related to many factors, and it is very important for you to know how to care for the wig and prolong its service life as much as possible.


Factors affecting the longevity of wigs


1.Quality of lace front wig

The quality of the front lace wig directly affects the life of the wig, and a good quality wig is more expensive than a low quality wig. If you want a wig to last longer, you should choose a relatively good quality wig, usually with a full cuticle of human hair will last longer. If your front lace wig is of average or poor quality, you should take proper care to extend its life.

2.Damage to heating tools

Whether it is our natural hair or the lace front wig, daily modeling is essential, but for some heating tools, such as curling iron, hair straightener , styling dryer and so on, the damage to our addition is very great, it makes the wig become dry hair impetuous, even luster, seriously reduce the use period of the wig. So in daily life, you should use heating tools with low impact on hair as far as possible, and heating products with ions and appropriate temperature are appropriate. At the same time, no matter how good the product is used, the damage will be unavoidable, so when it is not necessary to use occasions, you can reduce the use of heating products as much as possible. If you're looking to do things like curl your hair, buy a wig with different curls, which is a better deal than the cost of a damaged wig.
3.The color of the lace front wig

Natural color straight hair is a wig with the longest life. It is unprocessed hair ,not do any hairstyle and dye or bleach. Many customers often wonder why dyed hair and curly hair are very easy to dry and lack lusterBuying a wig of poor quality?, but it's not, because the dyeing is carried out on the basis of natural color, just like our own hair, if the hair is dyed, in fact, the feel and gloss are not as good as before, after dyeing Wigs actually damage the cuticle of the hair, which can easily lead to the loss of moisture and nutrients, and the hair will also be dry and lack luster.If you just want to use it for a longer time, you can consider straight hair。
4.Operating frequency


How often a former lace wig is used also has a direct effect on how long it will last, the more often you use it, the less it will last. So we suggest that you can prepare a few more wigs you like and use them alternately. After the use of timely care, so that the average length of use of each former lace wig was extended.

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