How Do You Do A Quick Weav Bob?

How To Do And Install Quick Weave Bob? 


    All you need to nail this hairstyle is:

    Blow dryer (iron)
     A pair of scissors
    Wig cap, protect hair 


  1. protect your natural hair. You can braid your natural hair to some small and tidy braids, around the braids to your head. Make sure your natural hair is flat under the full lace wigs with baby hair.


     2.using a cotton swab with alcohol to clean the oil and dirty of your hairline.


  1. fix your best full lace wig with the wig clips, make sure the wig is completely on the right position. Then cut the extra lace on the front of your full lace wig. Cut small sections at a time so that you do not hurt yourself. And also make sure you do not over or undercut sections. You should leave a little bit of lace but not more than one inch. Of course, if the lace has cut well by the full lace wig vendors, you can skip this step.


  1. Trim and style your bob on the way you want. You can also do the straitening on these weave bob.

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